At Home with the Hawks


“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk”
– William Shakespeare

There is something special about the raptors – hawks, eagles, falcons, owls. Man seems deeply attracted to these birds as if some primal thread connects us. Legends such as the massive man-eating eagle of Maori lore have spell-bound cultures for eons. I personally have been captivated my entire life by the raptors. Have been absolutely entranced by their noble presence and soaring freedom. Years ago, had grown close to a Native American Spirit Man. After countless hours of time with this man, he deemed my Spirit Friend as the Red-Tail Hawk. He told me that this hawk was to be my life guide on the great red road!

And upon the great red road have tread for many years now. Though have become somewhat of a bird person within the context of my naturalist studies, the raptors still have my heart! My spirit friend, the Red-Tail has comforted me and confirmed those intuitive feelings that come every now and again. In all my birding adventures over the years, the raptors have been with me. They seem ever-present in most all habitats to me. If there is a hawk, falcon or eagle around, I know that I will see it.


As a new, full-time resident of Rockport, TX on the Live Oak Peninsula, my favored family, the ACCIPITRIDAE of the order, FALCONIFORMES are with me again. I live among a large motte of Live Oak trees with acres of vacant land on three sides of my residence. As of now,mid-April, my Yard List is about 65 species in 2015. Many of the accipiters have graced my yard this winter and early spring. New migrants are arriving daily, but some of the hawks have been full-time residents of Rockport just like me!

The main event for me recently in my patch has been a breeding pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks at the far north-end of the property. For a little more than a month, they have been busy with the business of establishing or reclaiming territory and nest building. A new perspective and experience for me with my special birds, the hawks. Living just on the western edge of town, surrounded by woods, this pair of Red-Shoulder Hawks are my neighbors. The entertainment is splendid, their lives are extremely profitable.